Azure Standard July Drop


I am using this blog to discuss preparing and preserving healthy foods but often get asked a basic question of “what do you eat” and constantly hear “eating healthy is SO expensive!”

I disagree

While I do want to focus on preparing and preserving the healthy whole foods that are available, I also want to show the ways I am able to do this on a budget. My family is large and the size of my family flexes as I have foster children. My current home consists of myself, my two daughters (12 and 17) and my son… who is 10, but eats like he is 30. I mean.. that child can EAT! Tonight we had a quick breakfast for dinner, he ate 4 pieces of Applegate farms bacon, 3 eggs, 2 bran blueberry muffins and 2 oranges. And he wants more. I also have two foster children which… are no small eaters. Seriously. My point is that I do have a lot of mouths to feed and I can keep my budget low, while providing 80% of our diet organic. This is primarily because I am able to use Azure Standard here in Arkansas.

First… Lets be really clear. I have no reason to recommend them. I am not affiliated with them at all. However I moved from Oregon to Arkansas and was in for a huge reality check. Among other things I was stunned at the lack of whole foods, healthy foods and farmers markets. I searched in vain and found my options for groceries were Walmart and Kroger. Did not make me happy… Then I found Azure. They are a huge whole foods/organic foods company from Oregon (awesome huh!) and ship around the country. You place your order once a month and one week later a huge truck shows up, you take your food and you live happily ever after. It just happens that the wonderful woman who runs the Azure drop also runs a farmers market on wheels. She sends a list on Sunday of produce available and then delivers it right to my work on Wednesday!!! Between the two of them, I buy very little anymore from conventional stores. She supplies me with organic chicken, ground beef, pastured eggs, raw milk cheese and veggies. Azure takes care of the rest.

I have a lot of questions about Azure, so I will share my monthly drop with you, brands included so you can have some sense of what items they carry. Any questions and I would absolutely LOVE to answer them!!!

Each month, I tend to buy a bit in bulk, so it carries through for a few months. So, while you may not see flour, oil etc this month, its because that was all last month!

July Azure Order



This months order consisted of 40 pounds oranges, 25 pounds carrots (to be blogged this weekend when we can them!) 6 pounds Nutiva coconut flour, 10 pounds Rumanio butter, 1 pound Bionature whole wheat rigatoni, 4 (64oz) containers Nancy’s Honey Yogurt (best in the world), Applegate Bacon, 6 Natural Value tomato paste, 5 pounds Rumiano Calico cheese, 2 pounds Wholesome Sweeteners Sucanat, 2 Bamboo Spoons, 3 pound chuck roast, 2 pkgs (pounds) Eye of round steak, 1.5 pounds beef stew meat, 3 1/2 pounds (2 pkgs) Top Round Steak, 3 1/2 pounds ( 2 pkgs) Sirloin tip steak


Grand Total 261.02

While I was there, I bought some veggies and eggs. I typically buy more veggies, as well as a chicken, ground beef and sometimes cheese, but due to the season, I already have an abundance of veggies. I bought a smaller amount this week.


Garden Gal

3 dozen organic pastured eggs, 8 peaches (some had been discovered already) 9 pounds cucumbers, 5 tomatoes,

Grand total 21.00

I will be sharing all sorts of ways that we implement these items in our daily lives. Healthy eating can be inexpensive with some planning, a crock pot, and a little bit of arguing with the kids to make them do the work  working hard….




2 thoughts on “Azure Standard July Drop

  1. This is an enjoyable read, well done on trying and succeeding so well with you family. Here in Australia, I live in a country area with farms nearby that I can purchase straight from the morning pick, and it is so worth it. These include citrus and stone fruit orchards, mushroom farm, organic free range eggs, nuts and avocados, and vegetables. My hubby gets our beef from an organic butcher, and our pork and lamb direct from an organic farm about an hour from us. I have a relative on a farm an hour away and he often sends me bulk veggies that he has excess of, like 10lb beetroot, and 20kg of tomatoes, and straight into the canner they go. I so love this return to basics movement, here and in your country, I feel like all the skills that I was taught as a child are not wasted now. Thankyou for sharing and for including me.

    • Thank you for commenting! I love looking at Australia’s blogs and foods! So much fun! Especially in the middle of winter here when y’all are posting your summer goodies!

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