Leaping into blogging

Here I go… Over the last six months of sharing pictures, recipes and tips on my facebook page, several have asked me to blog as it would be easier to find recipes, pictures and tips. I have given it some thought and realized that I would likely enjoy this, and it would make it easier then always uploading files on our groups page.

However, I am no expert in blogging, or canning, or dehydrating or in the kitchen. I see so many food blogs and I am wowed by the level of sophistication.

That isn’t me.

With a busy household full of children, working full time and a single mother, I have time for grabbing a snapshot with my phone and hoping for the best. Therefore… this will not be the prettiest of all blogs, but I do hope that this becomes a blog that feels like sitting down for a cup of coffee with your oldest friend. Comfy, relaxed, casual. After all, that is how it would be if you came to my home. Step over the sippy cup, scoot the dog back outside, push aside the laundry and we can visit. Ignore the toddler eating legos… its just what he does…

I plan to expand beyond just how to preserve the harvest but also how to prepare the harvest. I want to share how to find healthy foods, explore the myths and break down the secrecy (what is ghee? Who ever heard of a GMO? Coconut oil? Huh??) and answer questions along the way. I hope this blog enriches you as much as it does me!


3 thoughts on “Leaping into blogging

  1. For a beginning “baby blog”, good start. As far as, there being a lot of excellent food blogs out there, well, I am much more comfy at the kitchen table than a five star restaurant! You go girl, I’ll be right there with you!

  2. My husband and I were just talking about the dying art of canning. Both or our mothers and grandmothers had it mastered, but we don’t have a clue! And pickles and green beans are two of our favorite things that they used to can. I’ll look forward to your posts! Thanks!

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